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For the Trucker:

Regrooving provides the most efficient and cost effective use of both tires and fuel. Now, with Van Alstine grooving products, achieving these benefits has become a reality.

For the Racer:

For optimum performance, racers need to cut with minimal heat and extreme precision. With Van Alstine, precision is easy. Van Alstine groovers and sipers cut quicker, cleaner, and cooler, eliminating tool-induced heat degradation to the rubber. Van Alstine provides the winning edge.

Other Applications for Van Alstine Groovers:

Fork Lift Tires, Industrial Tires, Competitive/Recreational On and Off The Road Tires, Rubber Rollers, Rubber Matting, Rubber Conveyor Belts, Playground/Rubber Surfacing, Snow Mobile Tracks, Foam Board, Resilient Plastic, Cable Jacketing…

The Van Alstine G1000HL Tire Groover is the state of the art of tire grooving equipment. Its patented design makes it the most accurate and easy to use tire groover you can buy. The G1000HL is the upgraded version of the Van Alstine G1000 groover. Just as its predecessor, the G1000HL is the tool of choice because of its superior ability to groove all tire types. To quote one of our customers: Van Alstine Tools have taken tire grooving out of the dark ages.

The Van Alstine V100 Tire Groover is a result of Van Alstine’s new “V Series” technology. This patented/patent pending technology minimizes size and weight and maximizes cutting capability. Amazingly, all the instant on power you need fits into the palm of your hand. The V100, at only three pounds, is perfect for the racer and a great but less expensive alternative for the trucker.

The Van Alstine S-100 Heated Tire Siper revolutionizes the process of tire siping. The S-100 allows for faster, easier, and more controlled siping than ever before. The innovative design allows for instant blade change and variable blade spacing, holding up to 13 blades at a time.

The Tire Tool is the easiest, fastest, and safest way to deface or remove the DOT number from a tire.

american_flag_75All Van Alstine products are made in the USA!

american_flag_75All Van Alstine products are made in the USA!

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